Cursul de Dezvoltare Liberă

What is CDL all about?

The free Open Source Development Course (in Romanian: CDL) is a course organized by ROSEdu at Politehnica University of Bucharest.

Currently, at its 3rd edition, the course aims to help enthusiast undergraduate students at Politehnica University of Bucharest to make their first contributions within an open source project and to get a feeling of what real world software development actually means.

The topics covered by this course range from programming language specifics (such as C++/Python/Java/PHP), highlighting object oriented programming concepts and design patterns, to proper project management tools and community integration.

The main components of our course are:

  • Theoretical presentations combined with practical laboratories to help students gain technical expertise using various programming languages and open source tools
  • Development sessions under the guidance of experienced mentors to help students work on specific features of an open source project
  • Presentations held by invited guests, industry leaders of the Romanian IT community with various topics (careers in software engineering, startups, technology).

CDL v3.0

The 3rd edition of the Open Source Development Course is over!
After 9 weeks of hard work, commitment and enthusiasm on behalf of both the participants and the mentors, it is safe to say that this was a truly successful edition of the course!

The outcome was, undoubtedly, remarkable! At the end of the course each team put forward new functionalities that were implemented as patches to the main projects, and that made it back into the mainstream.

And because we are not the only ones to believe in the importance of this course, this year Google and IXIA contributed by rewarding the participants with prizes!

We especially received support from the IXIA company: a trip to Busteni for the participants and the organizers! In addition to that, we owe the facilities in the laboratory where the CDL takes place exclusively to the effort and implication IXIA has demonstrated within the faculty and within ROSEdu! Thank you!


Throughout this course, each student is assigned to work on an open source project, under the guidance of a mentor actively involved in the development and in the community of the project. We aim to bring new contributors to existing open source/free software projects.

We consider this an immense opportunity for our participants, as they can easily overcome difficulties encountered when setting up the working environment (compiling the code, getting to know how it is organized and so on). Moreover, the mentors assist the development sessions within the course, are able to directly answer technical questions and plan the feature evolution, step by step.

Last, but not least, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the mentors who have dedicated numerous hours of their precious time for the benefit of the participants and the success of this course.


Results are best measured in time, and we are delighted to hear success stories from our former participants in the software engineering field, where knowledge gained through this course has proven to be vital.

“Through the course, I have learned not only essential technical aspects, but new ways of looking at things”

Mihai Tabără, CDL 2009

“I participated in my first year as a student and in my second as a mentor. This proves how you can personally evolve through the CDL course. The experience gained through CDL helped me get involved in important open source projects, such as Google Summer of Code.”

Vlad Voicu, CDL 2009 - 2011

“CDL represented for me a turning point. Until then, I had no idea about how an open source project works.
It turned out that I was wrong in many ways: how I should contribute code, how I should work within a team, how I would present the project I’m working on…”

Dan-George Filimon, CDL 2010 - 2011

“CDL has opened the doors for me to the open-source world. During this course, I learned a lot about different tools and practices that are mostly used in open-source projects, which made me a better programmer.

It has also helped me a lot during my Google Summer of Code project in 2010. I am always up-to-date with the evolution of this course and I can say that the team is improving it every year. Congrats to everyone for helping new students learn the ways of open source development and Computer Science in general.”

Diana Tiriplică, CDL 2009

“I particularly enjoyed this course because I was able to gain knowledge in so many different fields of Computer Science.”

Mircea-Ștefan Ghideu, CDL 2010

Get involved!

We have currently limited our students contributions to communities and projects where we are able to find mentors from our university, to physically be present during the weekend hackatons within the course. This helps a lot ensuring quality for our freshman students, the target audience for CDL, since they can be easily guided on writing code efficiently for the features they are willing to work.

However, our upcoming project is ROSEdu Summer of Code, inspired from Google's Summer of Code and sponsored (with a smaller remuneration) by our University. It has a slightly different target and stands as mandatory curricular practice for some of our university students, interested in working within an open source project. Particularly, this is a very good opportunity to attract new contributors to your project! Write us, at, if you are interested.